Welcome to our online nest! Here’s a little bit of what we do…

Whether you are a small business starting off and fresh to the world or if you’re a long established company, Tucano offers a wide variety of services which are tailored around you, your lifestyle and your brand. We want to create what is right for you, that may be Graphic Design, Branding, Photography or even a bespoke Artistic mural.

A lot of our clients first come to us and aren’t sure exactly what they are after.. or what they need, that’s where we like to sit down and have a brew and talk about everything to do with your company. We’re a friendly creative couple that want to do the best job possible for you, give you what you need and most importantly at a good price.  It’s always hard to give somebody an “on the spot” price and every job is different. We will always try and accommodate your needs so give us a call or drop us an email and see if our services are right for you. Below is a guide for our services and what we can offer, most importantly before any of this we need to get to know you and have that brew.

| Brand identity

Your company’s image as a whole and how it reflects to the audience you are after. Logo design with development, brand guidelines included to make sure your brand keeps the consistency when we hand everything over to you.

| Graphic Design

This can include many things, digital or print, anything you require visually for your business. If you require business stationery, brochures, signage or something completely bespoke to set your brand aside from the rest there is plenty we can offer, Laser cutting, screen printing and much more. This also includes any web services you may need, Tucano can offer fully built and beautifully looking websites – large or small.

| Art Services

Tucano can give you something beautiful, whether it be on canvas, digital, on a wall or building. Patricia thrives off being creative, her portfolio reflects her passion for art and the possibilities are endless, so why not let us know if we can help you out.

| Photographic Services

Look at our portfolio and see the sort of works we do, Daniel has a passion for portraits and a love for landscape and the main focus being documentary – let us work around you and get a natural feel shown in your imagery. Recently working with clients in events and products giving him more of a diverse portfolio. Tucano enjoys Digital but we haven’t lost our love for Film, sometimes you just get something you can’t create… it just happens.

| Web Services

Portfolio site, informative or just an online presence, Tucano can meet your requirements and work something out to suit you. Tucano also offers a fast and reliable hosting service provided by UKFAST within the UK. Don’t hesitate to see if we are the right people for the job, drop us a message or a call and see how we can get you online and get your company the image it deserves.

| To Sum It Up…

At Tucano we love being creative, whether it involves sketching, painting, the macbooks or the camera! We enjoy being involved with other passionate creatives and seeing what things we can come up with next, for ourselves and the client! We also pride ourselves with the equipment and resources we use for our products and services to help give our clients the best possible service we can offer.



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