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Springvale approached us from another agency; they already had an existing site for their “mother” brand – Springvale – and were looking for a refresh of their online presence, overall design and brand, as well as the creation of additional sites. Over several months, following efficient communication with the previous agency, we successfully transferred all digital material and necessary access for migrating sites and documents.

We began with some fine tuning of the logo / brand, with the colour and type, which gave us a solid theme to apply to all other brands / products within the company. Within a few months all content was refined, organised, and ready to be implemented in the designs. The UX / UI design was already complete which kept a consistent style and structure across all 3 sites – Springvale.com / Beamshield.com / ecobead.com – The sites needed to be clean, user friendly and easy to understand with the depth of information available throughout the pages.

There was no real connection between the brand and design, so creating a solid and recognisable style was fundamental. The soft overlays and colours from the brand were implemented into the designs giving a clear indication of the product in conversation, and the sites structure and style also aligned with this colour scheme. Bold headings and blocked content area give it a minimal look but with the scale of a corporate company,

Bespoke illustrations were created to give the site a much more tailored feel, and the products needed solid CAD imagery throughout to allow clients to visualise the products online. We worked alongside Anattic to provide the film and video services.

We have also completed a mobile application for Springvale; this is a user friendly app, which clearly explains the product range and systems available from Springvale. It includes video installation and the thorough installation guide in a tidy application for both iOS and Android platforms. We continue to provide Springvale with design, website and hosting services.

For more information or to look through this project, visit springvale.com / beamshield.co.uk / ecobead.co.uk

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