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Speakeasy Barber Club is an independent Gentlemen’s barbers in Manchester, the brand was influenced by the prohibition erahence the nameand the client was after a timeless design, something that would have longevity but still be associated with the rich past behind the brand idea. Alex had a great sense of direction with the brand, so we got right to it and made his ideas a reality. An established, traditional feel needed to be achieved but keeping it on trend with modern design and culture. A flowing subtle serif typeface holds the logo on its own, with the additional stamped block titling either side, it really came together and stands solid on its own. This also means it can then be applied across a variety of colour and backgrounds. The colors chosen were a classic British green and soft cream to emphasize the traditional look and feel, the simple thin lines compliment this and offer simple styling for further applications. We run this styling throughout printBusiness cards / gift vouchers / price lists / A boards and it works beautifully on digital platforms too including the website.

We went into Speakeasy to get some bespoke photography which we then implemented into the design and styling which gave us a thorough and consistent stock of assets to run on social platforms. This stock of photography also allowed the website to have a much more personal touch and give the customer a real sense of what Speakeasy Barber Club is. A WordPress based simple parallax site offers the user an easy one-page site with no messing around and showing the user exactly what they want to see and direct them to exactly where they want to go.

Speakeasy Barber Club | @SpeakeasyBarberClub

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