Campaign & E-Commerce Photography

Keri Jamieson, creator of KeriKit, was one of our first clients and we grew with her business from the beginning. This was a large project, requiring us to work through a range of styles / designs / locations / budgets, to produce the look and feel Keri wanted for her campaign and lifestyle photography. Keri’s clear vision and eye for detail meant all aspects of the shoots – models, locations, and styling – were all carefully considered and meant together we could create a variety of shoots both in studio, and on location.

For the site we needed to produce consistent high quality e-commerce product photography to elevate its online presence to where it deserved to be. We shot the collections in-house and worked within the brand budget to deliver clean, crisp imagery to use online, all of which were shot consistently, retouched and clipped out, giving the website a flawless e-commerce visual experience.

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