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Face Luxe Aesthetics is a small independant beauty and aesthetics company in Manchester, the brand was already established but needed some fine tuniing and a helping hand to get it to market in the way Karen, the owner, wanted it to be. Karen has excellent taste and knows how she wants it to look so we got to it and made her ideas a reality. The original design she came to us with wasnt well executed and wasnt working across her platfroms as she wanted it too. We re worked the brand, listening to the client and understanding exactly how she wanted it to look. A high class feel needed to be achieved but not traditional, a more modern approach to fit well with her demographic. Solid bold type holds the logo with a subtle addition set behind which can then be applied across a variety of colour and backgrounds. We brought in some iagery which reflects the feel of the brand and then ran this styling throughout her print documents – Business cards / gift vouchers / price lists / after care cards – Karen is also very active on social media so we gave her some blank template images which she can apply her own messages on giving her freedom to post and still be on brand.


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