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We have been involved with Elements Yoga Space for a while; we created their first site when their journey began and went on to rebrand from HotYoganic40 to Elements Yoga Space, we also refreshed the website and supplied social assets to keep consistency throughout. A much more bohemian feel was required, matching the new look in the studio and the direction the clients wanted to take we worked neutral natural tones throughout and applied similiar styling across the imagery to create a simple clean look.

The rebrand followed the same direction, the business had grown and branched out internationally with retreats and partnerships and the brand wanted to reflect the new direction and appeal to a wider audience. The recent travels and journey Elements had taken were subtly brought into the new logo identity – An Aztec / Mayan inspired design was created to become the new icon logo, a collection of patterns and shapes encased in a circular design meant the logo now has versatility across applications.

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