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Photography / Design / Social Design

Working as the Media Co-ordinator for Dogs Trust Manchester in the past 3 years has been one of the highlights of my career, I work as part of a UK wide network of teams working towards common strategic objectives, goals and on specific projects. I work closely with the PR, Social and Rehoming Centre team to create content to promote the dogs in their care and produce stories to engage the public and inform them of owning, caring, understanding and educating in general about dogs and the dogs in the Manchester centre.

My main role at Dogs Trust Manchester is to photograph all dogs within their care for the website, social and PR use. This truly is an amazing opportuntiy, I have worked with hundreds of different breeds with all unique stories and backgrounds and I’m able to use my skills to help promote these amazing dogs and with the outstanding work the team do at the rehoming centre it makes it possible for me to work alongside them to show this through social content, both imagery and videography. I create assets and designs on a daily basis for the Dogs Trust Manchester social channels as well as producing engaging video content for reels and other social applications. I also manage internal marketing content and promote stories from teams within the rehoming centre including Adoption / Fostering / Training and Behaviour / Support / General centre information.

If you are considering bringing a dog into your life please do check out your local Dogs Trust, the teams working within Dogs Trust and the information and advice available is exceptional, the work they do for these amazing animals is truly remarkable.

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