Campaign & E-Commerce Photography

It’s been awesome to work alongside such a talented duo with a beautiful brand and range of products, we had the pleasure of producing some campaign imagery and also e-commerce product shots which were required for both print and their online store. The campaign imagery was to focus on the bags and seats which are all handmade by Darkstar Leatherworks, we wanted the colour of the leathers to pop from the Harley Davidson they were being featured on so having the earthy tones and greys in the backgrounds on location allowed this giving us more focus ont he bike and product.

The e-commerce side of the project was able to be produced in-house and we had to match to already existing e-commerce images the brand had, we went through the images we had shot and colour matched where neccasary, clipped and retouched throughout to give us a clean cut out of the product which we could then apply to the same coloured background and apply any shadowing required so the end result was consistent with the rest of the store and all products were seamless. With this process we are able to supply the client with a variety of assets which in turn gives the client a much more flexible stock of imagery to use for the brand and other applications for future uses.

For amazing quality motorcycle products or just to know more about the brand go visit the site and check them out – Darkstarleatherworks.com

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