Branding / Web Design

Carmina Entertainment is a young, thriving entertainment business created and run by Carly – a driven individual who needed her company to look and feel exactly how she, and the performers do.

We worked extensively on getting just the right logo; by fleshing out Carly’s ideas, we explored and supplied different variations of illustrative icons – before arriving at replacing the “i” within the company name, with a feather. This was a perfect reflection of the class and sexiness of the brand, whilst effortlessly flowing with the bold type. We also set up a wireframe design for a website, and professional email to provide the online presence Carly wanted to showcase their great work. We worked together with Carly making adjustments to fit the brief perfectly – before going live on a smooth and efficient environment hosted and managed by Tucano.

For more info and to see what the awesome Carmina team get up to check out the site and socials: / carmina_entertainment

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