Our branding, design and styling was brought together between the both of us. We wanted something fresh and vibrant but still keeping that sharp designer style. We both love travelling and exploring the world, finding new things in all aspects of our lives, our concept was to have a mix of both our backgrounds and what we both like. Patricia, being from a tropical island wanted that feel and look involved with a heavy use of colour and Daniel brought his clean cut, vector style to get a mix of both the contrasts, its our own vibrant elegance.

The Toucan represents our love for travel and being around the world and mostly, our love for the warmer climates. A beautiful tropical bird full of colour…Its right down our street. This then came to Tucano with it sounding much more exotic once translated into Portuguese.

You can find more about us in the “us” section but we found ourselves with a mixed variety of skills and talents and we try to help each other flourish in these. Patricia is a fantastic artist and has exceptional detail with her illustration studying fine art and being in practice for the past 5 years and Daniel has been photographing for over 10 years, has a passion behind the lens and loves the branding side to the graphics work.

We are online, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.



instagram – @wearetucano

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