Trio Clothing

Daniel was involved with two others in creating what is Trio Clothing. Daniel did the whole package with Trio – Graphic design, Web design and Photography – A great jump start from graduating University, it was something he could really get stuck into.

Launched summer 2013, Trio Clothing is an evocative, artistic brand specialising in limited edition apparel.

Made in Manchester, Trio Clothing was established by three close friends after a couple of drinks, a white screen and a camera. The quality of the aftermath not only shocked them, but other people too, and lead to discussions about how to share their artwork to the world.

Trio decided that what better way to showcase their work than to have the world wear it. More wine, a bigger screen, better lights and a spare videographer, the results were even more striking and seductive.

There was a lot involved with the production, not only was it a whole graphic design package needing to be achieved but there was professional photoshoots needed to take place for both the brand and the products. The integration of all this and then to be able to push it out as a high quality product was a great experience with both the graphic design world and the business world too! We were highly involved with designing and creating everything and we now have a vast amount of knowledge with the clothing and fabrics industry which furthers the work we do now due to printing techniques and colour specifications.

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