The Liars Club

We were fortunate to be asked to re-design Manchester’s favorite Tiki bar – The Liars Club.

Expect a warm welcome as you descend the stairs and are transported to a tropical hideaway packed with rum, fun, cocktails and Tiki craziness a million miles from the gloomy streets of Manchester up above.

The Liars Club boasts a creative and exotic list of sharing cocktails served in elaborate Tiki volcanoes, pineapples and coconut shells all expertly designed by manager Lyndon Higginson to be enjoyed in the lighthearted, relaxed Tiki hideaway with its chilled soundtrack incorporating reggae, afrobeat and all in between.

The Liars Club wanted to bring back the traditional roots of the Polynesian background and re-brand as the authentic Tiki bar in Manchester. We couldn’t wait to get started and Patricia especially got her teeth stuck into this project.

Patricia illustrated each cocktail in a traditional hand drawn style to match the original styles found in the 50’s and 60’s in the Tiki Culture movement. First hand sketched in pencil and then imported to refine and digitally paint in Photoshop.

These were then implemented in a simple design to show off the illustrations and show clearly the cocktails available. Hopefully plenty more to come with this same style as we are in progress with The Liars Lounge menu re-design!

For more, why not take a look when your down in Manchester and grab a cocktail whilst your there too!

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