Tanya Lloyd Wedding Photography


We were excited to see where things would go for this project when the lovely Tanya Lloyd got in touch and said that she required a fresh new look for her photography business – Tanya Lloyd Wedding Photography. Tanya is a fantastic client to have, she knows what she wants and it enabled us to focus on what we were wanting to achieve. Classy, sophisticated and a punchy vibrant kick to it! We enjoyed exploring other methods with Tanya and the branding really progressed once we got stuck into the colouring and the type, it had to be appropriate in every sense for it to be professional within the industry and also, probably most importantly, to match Tanya’s personality! We wanted the brand to reflect her and wanted it to feel right, Tanya attends a lot of networking events so the look had to be fitting and we wanted her to be confident with her brand when she is out there meeting a lot of new, potential clientele.

With the brand finalising we started to look at her website, currently set up with a third party we were required to transfer both domain and hosting environment over to us at Tucano. After the migration process we got the site in a safe and secure environment on an appropriate package. The site design was focused on styling and how to reflect the imagery most appropriately and of course how Tanya wanted it, but there was a lot of backend SEO targeted pages which were set up to help the site and its online presence. We worked with a third party specialising in SEO who Tanya got involved and it developed into a great project, a lot of fine tuning was done as the mobile site is different than the desktop – to suit how users interact and obtain information on mobile devices. Overall the site has been one of the most in depth sites due to backend arrangements and also the organisation of galleries and imagery throughout the site but one of our most satisfying designs so far, we are extremely happy with the look and feel of the site, the white space and the boldness of the brand, its elegant and professional and we hope Tanya is happy with how her work is displayed.

Once the site design was coming to an end we got involved with the print side of things and started working on tri-fold booklets / business cards and roller banners. This we really got into as we had styling and design to follow now from the site, seeing both the digital and print work together really allows the brand to become whole. there is a true consistency and we are chuffed with the final outcome of this rebrand and the design work involved!

Thats enough of us babbling on, go and check out Tanya’s work!








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