Sabre Tattoo Supplies

Sabre got in touch with us requiring some design work for their 2015 Exhibition to launch their new product – Sabre Tattoo gun. Originally it was just banner designs but once looking into the project photography became a big part of how things could be tied together. We decided best to shoot the tattoo guns in their natural environment, a tattoo sudio and then also having them shot for Sabre’s website resulting with simple clean product images. We got in touch with our good friend Danny Birch and we shot the guns in practice down at his studio – Heart for Art. The product images we felt needed something simple added to it rather than just shot on white or black, by laying the guns onto a piece of perspex both black and clear we found a nice reflection which compliments the material the guns are made from.

The banners then merged the original style and branding Sabre have had designed with the new imagery we had photographed. We matched the grungy dark background with an appropriate texture and then also added in the Sabre logo to add to the background. The photography went in nicely with a “construction” style approach, keeping a harsh diagonal mask with the background merges both the photography and background appropriately and also shows enough of the imagery.

To the side there are some images from the shoots and a couple of mockups to show the banners for the exhibition.

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