Market Avenue Racing Club

Our good friend at Market Avenue Racing Club is always in need of design whether it be literature, POS, various advertising but this time it was the entire website. In need over a total re-design to bring it more up to date and on trend with the current industry and competition. With over 25 years in the horse racing industry Market Avenue Racing Club have good heritage and invested loyal clients, we wanted a professional look but something appropriate with the companies demographic. We used bold colour to match the Silks of the Racing club, keeping this style throughout applying to the type, imagery and layout.

With the design work we had already produced for M.A.R.C it was a great start for direction with the site and the styling at least was already on its way, we needed to consider any imagery and structure alongside the copy which was provided. We always say to any of our clients, new and existing, the more content the better! regardless of what it is something is better than nothing! We had plenty to work with on M.A.R.C and once the structure was in place we could fill it with everything we had and to this date we are occasionally changing information and listings as needed by the club.

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