Kris Kupskay – Kups

Daniel stumbled across Kris Kupskay out in Whistler, B.C when walking past Whistler Skate Park whilst travelling out there. It was a short encounter between the two but it was perfect for documentation, crisp blue skies, sun shining and some epic paint going down. They later caught up again as Kris was painting a mural in Pemberton, B.C, Daniel joined and spent a a couple of days documenting the piece going up. Good Days.

Kris Kupskay is an artist with The Hidden Agenda Project, he creates beautiful artwork, both mural and canvas with acrylic and spray.

He has a vibrant, illustrative style and how it flows so fluently around the surface its on compliments his style, especially when he works with spray. Colour, Greyscale, Decisions, Compositions all in a days work for KUPS, we always enjoy being around inspiring creatives such as Kris.

You should really check out his work, below is his main link but his instagram is always worth the follow!


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