KÖBO has been one of our biggest clients to date and we are extremely happy to have worked closely with the KÖBO team at the Manchester depot. World renowned and one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of chain with global coverage ,KÖBO are leaders in the engineering sector. We were approached by Robert, the main sales executive for the Leaf chain department UK and he required a complete brochure / catalogue for the new leaf chain products at KÖBO. With the main offices in Germany already in full swing of re-branding and a whole design campaign running through the european sector of the company we had strict guidelines to follow, however that wasn’t stopping us putting our own flare on the project!

We understand with such a big company it’s very easy to lose the personal touch and for it to become overly corporate so to make it more personal to the KÖBO team we thought it best to do a shoot at the Manchester depot to involve the team a little more in the brochure and design work we are producing for them. Rather than use stock imagery, we recommended getting stuck into the warehouse with our equipment and getting those shots which make the design work much more bespoke and more relative to the customer. Not only did we get photography of the warehouse and the depot but we made sure to feature a lot of the products mentioned in the brochure and catalogue, getting the on-site photographic shots of all the products and business really benefit the style and design of the work we are creating.

Hopefully plenty more work to come with upcoming exhibitions and fairs in 2016.



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