KeriKit came to us needing a variety of services, branding & logo design, various graphic design work, photography and web services. Keri is an experienced individual in her industry and knows what she wants, something which makes our job easier… and sometimes more challenging! Its great working with Keri as there is a lot of ideas and concepts being brought up due to the variety of work we are providing for her and her brand.

KeriKit is a designer changing bag brand, beautiful Italian leather handbags that change with you, as you try to get from A to B, stress free! The brand needed to be bespoke, something which is classy but not overpriced, a clean luxurious feel and we think we managed the job. The logo consists of the chosen typeface by ourselves and combines design, style and flare to produce a unique tailored logo suitable for the industry and type of brand Keri wanted.

We like to keep things flowing freely and Keri came to us asking about more ideas and how she can incorporate the image we had designed, this flourished into the production of the bags and now the product itself will carry features containing the logo and brand. Studs are engraved with the logo as well as leather embossed patches for the logo inside and throughout the bags. Not only is the brand established ont he products it runs throughout all the bag documentation and material, the swing tags and booklets to go alongside visualise each USP of the bag and what it is used for as well as having the photography we also shot be included and show off the product.

The photography happened in both studio and location, we were able to capture the bags and the USP’s in the studio keeping it real clean, white throughout and getting those products looking as good as they should be. We also learnt a lot with this sort of product photography with position, lighting and also time management!

The location shoot came shortly after and included two awesome models, both of which worked great with our team, it was a great day and we managed to get a lot of shots in, Keri wanted to get as much as possible so we ended up doing more than 5 looks with each bag in the range. Very busy day but overall a fantastic outcome with some lush imagery.


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