KeriKit Product Photography

KeriKit came to us with her new product range and needed them to look as beautiful as they do in real life… online! With the new equipment and experience from the previous shoot we were confident to bring a much more professional finish to the images, we had experience with the product and was familiar with how it was to shoot so we focused on the detail and were precise with the position of the lighting and material. The positioning of the handles and straps is always a tricky one but getting it best we can before edit makes retouching much easier and more natural. We had a few obstacles including how rigid the material can be and also the shapes and fittings involved but taking our time with each product and making sure the setup was the same every time gave us the finished product we have. We are extremely happy with the quality and the consistency in the images and hope to get involved a little bit more with the product photography side of things!

To see them in all their glory and maybe even treat yourself?! go check out:

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