JC3 is one of many ventures set up by a good client of ours, it’s always nice to hear from him as you can expect a thousand ideas and directions and we love the passion from this individual!

JC3 was set up to start the base of the consultancy services being offered, this hopefully will in effect become an umbrella of many sub divisions branching off from JC3 for different departments in consultancy which are being offered. 2 variations of the logo were produced a styled version with highlights and also a flat bold version. A fun vibrant brand image but when applied correctly gives a young professional corporate look. The colours are punchy but the key was to keep it simple, nothing to confuse or get in the way as the colour and “softness” to the typeface could steer the wrong way easily! Its a friendly face for a service offered in what normally is an extremely corporate, black and white industry.



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