Jaimie Rivers Actress

Jaimie Rivers has been a good friend of ours for a while now and we knew that at some point she would want to step up her game with her Actress / Model / Voice over career and with her committing more and more time to her creative career, we knew it wouldn’t be long before we could get stuck in and start being creative with her! She had already put in the hard graft for many years getting to where she is and now she needed her image to be as strong as she is. Straight talking, honest and an all round great character, we wanted something to represent her well. The bold Navy blue alongside the San Serif typeface gave us that strong look we were after, not too old fashioned for the industry but not too young so it isn’t taken seriously, we think our branding matched her well.

This minimal but bold look carried on through to her site, another simple, easy to navigate and understand WordPress site that we designed around exactly what she wanted her demographic to see. Portfolio pages with linked video content and a gallery page with a user friendly interface allows the client to edit and add content whenever she may fancy.

We were supplied photography which we worked into the style and design and all round we think it compliments each other rather well, the navy blues just so happen to work with the colour palette and styling in the imagery so together it gives a great consistency throughout the site.

Its not just the imagery and design which help Jaimie continue growing her creative career with acting, being able to offer her a full package with management of the environment and domains gives our client the piece of mind its all under control, even just having an email address relate-able to the brand and her image, now gives a much more professional look and feel for Jaimies audience and those she reaches out too.

For more info or to get in touch with Jaimie yourself, take a look at –


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