Hilton Park Partnership

Hilton Park Partnership came to us in need of something quick, simple and clean for their set up of a Government funded EIS business. Now we didn’t get into the ins and outs of business but we know that the clientele for this market was up there so we need an upmarket design and this to reflect in literature and online.

They didn’t have anything to begin with so it was up to us to create an image which reflects the quality / clientele / investment and market they were dealing with, we mustered all of our services and got to work! With Horse racing being so vast with all types of demographic being involved we knew this business was dealing with the investors and the established market so it had to be correct and appropriate. The brand was nice and easy to get into, they already told us to stick to typography as they didn’t see a logo icon fit for the business, this being said we just had to decide whether Serif or Sans serif was to be used, due to their current clientele and the competition in the industry we wanted a bespoke look, more traditional and to the values which brought about the partners in the business. Didot was a fitting choice, we got what we were after and the client was extremely happy. Sometimes simple and clean is by far the best option.

This then applied to everything we were thinking, we needed to design a full 24-page brochure explaining the business and the funding and we complimented this with high quality photography immersing the potential customer into the lifestyle and investment Hilton Park Partnership wanted to sell. This journey carried on throughout and into the digital side of things, offering Hilton Park Partnership with a simple WordPress site, one page with just the right amount of info. They wanted potential investors to download the brochure on site and for it also to be view-able. We offered the full package so now Hilton Park Partnership can relax knowing their site and environment is up to date, backed up regularly and managed in a professional manner.

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