Heart For Art

Heart for Art tattoo studio contacted us requiring some work to give themselves a more clean professional image. Danny wanted to show how the studio has grown and flourished with more talented artists and work as well as keeping the heritage of tattooing and the originality of it all. Hosting some of the best artists and being an award winning studio we needed to show the quality of this hidden little gem in Tameside, UK. Documentation of the studio in its day to day routine came natural when we started to work around the artists, letting them work and we will shoot around them. We felt this was the best way, capturing the each artist in complete concentration as well as seeing the passion they have for their work.

We worked with both Digital and film (35mm) Personally we think the film ruled these shoots, the natural grain and unexpected colours which come out give the studio more of that original look and keep it true to the style of the studio and the way Danny had it visioned.

Black and white was also the favourite on these shoots, nice high contrasts show the atmosphere in the studio as well as giving a nice artistic approach to the photographs.

We also did some branding work for Danny and the studio, later becoming designs for other parts and products in the studio, combining this with the digital and film shots we had taken we were able to create some perfect visuals for his social media and online presence as well using them in print and publications as ads and marketing.

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