Female Jiu-jitsu clothing brand…now you do get these coming to you everyday! Katie is a great client to have, new to starting up her business we tried to give her as much info as she may need, we wanted to create a brand directed at women but to not be too… “girly” we didn’t want it coming across to masculine either so we needed to find a happy medium which brought a serious feminine look and feel to the brand, we also wanted to make sure the brand was going to be legible on the types of clothing and accessories so we felt an icon would fit this need perfectly, there’s no worry with typefaces getting lost with embroidery or other applications and it gives the brand a bold statement.

We came to this by experimenting and sketching out some typefaces, we were thinking bold but with flare, something to set it aside slightly and break away from the upright rigid block type. Once coming to something we all liked it was then looking at it and seeing how we could adapt an icon or create something which compliments the typeface. The hours clocked by and after layers of tracing paper and sketching the “G” in the typeface was repeated, rotated, cut and refined to create an aerial view of fighters in an aztec / tribal style. Using the negative space emphasised the simplicity and there is no intricacy – perfect for application and compliments the typeface beautifully.

This brand is really moving forward too, since the project was complete we have been updated and the clothing is well in production and is being used in practice now!

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