Exit Stage Left

A very good friend of ours took the plunge and started his pursuit to be involved with what he enjoys most – Teaching and Performing Arts.

We couldn’t be happier but to help him on his way and get things rolling for him, Exit Stage Left is beginning as acting and performance classes to a variety of age groups. With everything set up Exit Stage Left just needed something to reflect how passionate and serious Alex (founder) really is about what he does. Combining both his¬†degree of knowledge on the performing arts background as well as his teaching attributes we felt something professional and clean would do the trick. The vector light is taken from the traditional and stereotypical stage lights involved in performances in theatres and on stage and this needed to be flat and one tone to work across a variety of mediums, especially clothing and garments for later on in the future. The reason we went for the more stereotypical stage light is due to recognition for his targeted audience and alongside the light typeface we think both elements compliment to give it a clean professional look.

We gave him a full branding package and documentation to match as well as flyers and promotional posters. Exit Stage Left also required a very simple but informative one page website, keeping it as simple as possible for all those parents out there! The same style from the logo has been brought throughout with icons and symbols to keep a consistent look across all work.

Take a look and if you have a child wanting to perform, get him / her down there!


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