D&B Roofing and Joinery

D&B Roofing and Joinery came to us and needed a complete image, a small local roofing and joinery company consisting of two hard grafting and honest guys. They didn’t want any fuss and needed it sorting out as soon as so we kept things simple. The angular approach simply came from architects drawings, angles found throughout the work in the trade and put into a simple design style. The logo needed to include a statement to sum things up and the overall look wanted to be construction related and “blocky” so squaring the type off with the initials, it gave us that closed space.

This then needed to be ran throughout on business documentation and flyers and promotional material. The website is following the same style keeping the block style and grid system alongside the clients imagery used throughout the site. The client didn’t want any hassle with the site and was quite hesitant to being online but after explaining the pros to having a company face online we tailored an online portfolio site to exceed their requirements but not break the bank! A simple portfolio site can go a long way when executed nicely, D&B is a great example of how an online portfolio can be achieved without it being a hassle and being expensive. Fortunately the guys have been taking plenty of pictures whilst working and setting up D&B so we had a lot of stock imagery to go through and arrange into the appropriate places, this also gave us the content to experiment and include a much more personal touch to the site and by getting a small write up of the project we can now do a series of project pages executed in a portfolio style.

The van also needed to become part of the brand and be the one showing D&B off when on the road. Using the same principle throughout we have given it it a bespoke touch that gives it a professional look among all the other competitors seen on the roads.





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