Candy Cone Zone

Now this was a fun one! A client came to us with a small sideline business him and his partner wanted to start, nothing too fancy and something within budget. Once we got an understanding of the business and the sort of clients they would be approaching we realised it was something fun, vibrant and youthful they needed. We played with a few ideas and a couple were a flat style of design which is on trend recently, using flat colour and no shading but we felt it just wasn’t enough. The client had mentioned about using actual sweets and we looked into this a little more….needless to say there was a lot of market research….and sugar rushes.

Patricia decided to blend a few techniques of digital painting, photoshop manipulation and editing to achieve an amazing result. We feel the sweets really pop out and the addition of the shaped background gives it that relief from the blank space, we quite like the vintage touch to the shape, almost Jetsons style. Overall we and the clients were thrilled with the result and Patricia nailed the illustrated candy.





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