BreakThrough came about by the lovely Julia Belle, she had a great concept of getting the knowledge and expertise from people who are in the industry of music, television, production, writing…. anything basically! and giving the general public the info they have always wanted to know. BreakThrough brings you the content you want to see and know about and it always comes down to the popular question…. How did you get to where you are?!

Julia found our good friend James from Anattic and together they began to develop the concept into something more substantial. A few ideas and a few drinks later they found themselves contacting some good friends and very good contacts in the industry and off they were, on their way to Edinburgh film festival to interview and film some footage for the project. Since then we found ourselves getting involved as they needed some branding, imagery and all round graphic and web design. We couldn’t wait to get involved, both James and Julia are super passionate about what they do and with different background we know this project is going to be as interesting as it is fun.

So this is where we are, we have produced a variety of work for BreakThrough and now with the crowdfunder set in place hopefully BreakThrough can get the funding needed to lift it off the ground that little bit more. With the help of the funding it means more projects can take place, more people can be interviewed and more industries can be tapped into!

We produced the branding and imagery, of which we had a lot of control and freedom, Julia and James were confident with our ideas and how bold we wanted to be so we set a few styles in place and went for it, we think its developed into something solid and most of all recognisable as the brand needs to be known! the bold purple makes an impact and the grid style with imagery keeps a clean grid format which can be applied throughout web design and also print design.

The site for now is more informative than user interactive – we just needed to get content on there and most of all a user friendly interface to display the crowdfunder video. The styling has been ran throughout and each page keeps consistency, were really happy with how it is developing as more new content that comes in can be applied in the same way and overtime build a very solid look.



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