Bob Marley

Tucano offers bespoke, tailored art services.

Patricia Lopes (The artsy one!) studied fine art in Funchal, Portugal for 3 years. Exploration of style, medium and technique gives her a versatile approach to most works requiring a unique artist touch. She developed a realism style on her paintings and is working to achieve hyper realism on big scaled canvas paintings.

When Patricia got into uni to study Graphic design, her traditional paintings soon transformed into Digital artwork as soon as she learnt to use the adobe suite. This helped develop her traditional abilities even further since she could now mix the digital capabilities onto the canvas.

Traditional painting or digital, Patricia is highly experienced in both giving a higher quality piece of work whether it be an independent piece or worked alongside design, photography, publications etc.

Whether it be canvas, skin or wall Patricia is capable of giving our clients what is required but more importantly making our clients extremely happy with the standard of work being received.

For more information, if this service is something you might be interested in, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Bob Marley

Medium – Acrylic

Size – 100cm x 100cm





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