Asim Group is a very bespoke and executive client, the group wanted a high end finish which they could be confident in meeting with clients and existing customers and for it to reflect on the industry they are in and the clientele they deal with. Being involved with property, development and business in general we didn’t want to go down a generic sort of path where it looked like a building company or a business management company – we took the exclusive approach and wanted the styling to be something where people would be intrigued to look further. Along with what is going to be produced the brand and imagery had to be clean and high-class. We have produced all branding and graphics along with  stationery and other documentation with much more to come.

We also were asked to then follow on with other creative work including the web design and build, we wanted to make sure we kept consistent throughout and complementing the brand. The website works across all platforms including mobile devices designed and built through a wordpress platform. The site is a work in progress with plenty more content to be involved and many more projects to be added in, take a look at:

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