A friend, a client and a damn good film and video producer.

James came to us wanting a rebrand of his company – Anattic – There was plenty of ideas and concepts being thrown about and we managed to narrow and focus towards a clean cut design involving polygonal shapes and lines. Through some research we discovered some real nice styles with the lines and points, almost combining poly shape and pointillism. With the history and background of Anattic close we wanted to create something meaningful and be able to relate the shape to James and Anattic somehow. We came to the shape / image by combining his previous addresses over the UK map and linking them in the poly and line style, we accentuated the shape slightly for it to look more natural and then added the bold NOVA typeface above and we were happy with the solid brand that it produced. NOVA is ran throughout his brand as well as thinner typeface for documentation.

Relating this logo to other imagery was a pleasure, NASA’s hubble telescope site kindly allows us to use these images within our design and they couldn’t compliment the brand any better. The nebula and colours tie everything together and give off an impressive final outcome.

As well as the rebrand, Anattic required:

  • Documentation
  • Stationery
  • 12 page A5 landscape brochure
  • A5 landscape flyers
  • Promotional marketing material
  • Packaging
  • Online visual media

For more information on Anattic, what they are up to and the work they are producing please visit:

You really should… theres some awesome work to be seen.

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