Dominic Wenner got in touch to further his newly set up business – Achieve Fitness. Dom is a fully certified personal trainer and health coach and needed an image to reflect his passion and professionalism for his brand. With a lot of stuff coming up in the near future it needed to be fully adaptable to most garments, print and online design, he also required a logo which can continue throughout his brand when it evolves as he already has 2 sections of the business set-up. Achieve Fitness being the main brand and top part of the “umbrella” and below this would be Achieve Fitness: Aesthetics – a more focused type of training on the body aesthetics with weight building and toning. There will also be other sub business under Achieve fitness later on in the future.

We needed to create the whole package for Dom – Branding, design, photography, web design and garment design. So far we have managed to get a nice solid brand – a clear and friendly brand with soft type and soft icons. We didn’t want it to be gender specific as Dom works with a variety of people both men and women. The colours were chosen by Dom and we worked them into the design so he had a simple but effective colour pallette for the brand. The icon / logo for the brand enabled us to then leave an open mind for the future, knowing there are going to be other parts involved this icon can changed within its border, using the stopwatch as the container we can adapt with almost anything by replacing the icon inside.

We put together a morning to get some shots of a couple of clients too so we could involved his own imagery rather than stock, again giving it the more personal touch to show his clients the environment and him actually training. Further from this we have started to design the site for him – lots more info and features to be involved but overall we are extremely happy with the progress and work coming out of this brand!

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