Lifestyle & Studio Photography

Due to the website having a fresh new update we needed some lifestyle and studio shots to match. The crew down there are excpetional at their practice, its always a nice visit to the studio and doing this shoot was a pleasure . The studios are new, super clean and always relaxing, its a comfortable place full of good vibes and there was no panic with shooting, they can hold their poses for a long time giving us a lot of freedom to get a few different angles, see what works and see what doesnt. We discussed prior to the shoot about involving more greenery and foilage in studio and alongside the poses, wether it be in focus or out, having that green against the bright white couldn’t be any more on brand if we tried, naturally it looked correct and appropriate for the style we wanted. We can’t thank them enough and we’re glad we managed to get some clean new content which compliments the site beautifully. No doubt this stock can be used for future work, print digital or social theres plenty of flexibility.

For more info. on the classes, the studios or the team down at HotYoganic go check out and see what you think!

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