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Alex smashes it, simple as. We love her passion and drive, it runs straight through from what she does to her everyday life so its been a good project since the beginning. Alex knew the look and feel she was after with her brand as she has built a great following on her social channels over the past couple of years and now needed her on-line presence to match her image. Her hard work, commitment, training and learning has got her to a very high level in the health & fitness industry, a personal trainer who is extensively qualified and has a passion for what she fuels her body with, a pretty good person to be around!

Alex is the partner of our good friend Rick Whittle so we had the best inventory of imagery we could ask for throughout the whole project and its nice to know its always going to keep on coming! The imagery allowed us to get a great idea of layout throughout the site and due to it being so good throughout we didn’t want to overload any design application so simple outline styling was used alongside the solid type to maximise the visuals, lets be honest people want to see results! The site build is still ongoing and no doubt will always grow but we have got to a good point where Alex can now use it alongside her career with her current and potential new customers.

To see more about Alex Jessica Fit or even get into shape and get on that body you dream of! Take a look at Alexjessicafit.co.uk

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