We Are Tucano!

We’re a creative couple, we both love Design, Photography, Art and well . . . anything creative to be honest!

Together we studied Graphic Design and both left with a First Class Honours Degree all those moons ago, since then we have been fortunate to work with a variety of clients from all sorts of backgrounds and industries. we’re an excellent team offering a variety of services with each of us having stronger skills in different areas.

Daniel focuses on photography and is a clean, bold designer whereas Patricia is a highly talented visual artist and works more with illustrative branding and design with an artistic approach. We love getting involved with our clients and their brands so we can push them that little bit further or help our clients in achieving what they set out to do.

| Daniel Godfrey

Designer | Photographer

Clean minimal designer with a huge passion for photography and getting out and exploring wherever we may be.

| Patricia Lopes

Designer | Artist

Illustrative designer coming from a Fine arts background, skilled Re-toucher but when I’m not on the mac I love to listen to good music and occasionally sing and play ukulele!

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